My name is Alex. I am passionate about anything electronics related. Because of this passion I got a formal education in electronics engineering. Sadly this education was mostly theoretical and lacks much of the actual practical experience that first attracted me to this field. However my passion for the subject did not diminish once I had my diploma and I am happily continuing to explore this field as a hobby.

The practical knowledge I need I gathered from those more experienced mainly by the bits and pieces of information that they left on the internet. This is why this website is dedicated to actively documenting my projects : small and large , successful or not. I plan on using this blog as a sort of notebook to document the steps I take and why I take them when trying to build something. It is my hope that I can contribute some information to the community. Maybe one day what I write here will help someone learn something new. (even if it is just how not to do something)

My other hobbies include biking , model making , and playing airsoft. If I ever write something on those subjects they might add some diversity to what you can find here. However I will do my best to have those intruders out of the way while still making sure they can be found by the curious.